Since 1995, Karl Michael Herzog has been working in a variety of sectors in professional football. In 1999 he obtained his FIFA-license for advising professional players and young talents. For the past twenty years, he and his team have been guiding and consulting young and adult players to reach their goals.

As one of a few family-run sports agencies in Germany, we are conscious of our responsibility and deliver a commitment to our athletes.

Your goal is our goal.


When it comes to sports/working rights, as well as questions about daily life, we provide you with answers from our selection of top lawyers who have been faithfully working with us for many years.


Sickness and injuries are unavoidable, however the choice to take measures before, rather than after, is in your hands. Trust us and the expertise of our partners.


With our expertise and professional sensibility, we will accompany you throughout your active career, and if you wish, after.


In the case of injury, or medical complaints, our longstanding partners, experienced doctors and specialists, will be at your disposal.


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Karl Michael Herzog

Stefanie Riss

Assistant of management

Raphael Ott

Player Agent

Karl Herzog

Simone Herzog

Stefanie Riss

Simone Herzog

Raphael Ott      Karl Herzog

Karl Michael Herzog

Karl Michael Herzog


Karl Michael Herzog

  • born 12. Januar 1961 in Munich
  • Economics degree
  • Foregin trade Managment and  buchers education
  • Manager Dynamo Dresden (1995 – 1997)
  • 1998 Foundation Karl M. Herzog Sportmanagement
  • 1999 Acquisition of FIFA-license for Player Manager



Klaußnerweg 6

82061 Neuried near Munich

Phone.: +49 89 / 72 45 86 96

Fax.: +49 89 / 72 45 86 98

Mail: Karlmherzog@yahoo.de